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Leveraging our passion for making a difference in health care and in the lives of people around us, we strive to shift the emphasis of health care from sick-care back to "health" and back to the "individual" where it belongs. We believe that by combining the forces of IoT, Big Data and AI, we can achieve an improved quality of care while minimizing the cost burden on the system. Founded in 2016, our incredible team has worked tirelessly to bring HealthIO's vision to reality.

The HealthIO Team

Dave Neuman

Director - Technology, Engineering, UX

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Dave is dynamic technology leader with over 20 years of experience across engineering, IT, and new product development. With a product-led growth mindset, he brings expertise developing IoT solutions, cloud platforms, mobile apps, and enterprise scalable SaaS products. Dave is also a leadership coach passionate about building world-class teams and the next generation of technical leaders.

Paras Goel

Director - Marketing & Customer Success

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Paras brings with him 20 years of experience in financial services and healthcare. He has successfully stood up marketing teams at new start-up businesses within established companies. Passionate about healthcare Paras is leveraging his industry knowledge to help sharpen the HealthIO proposition.

Randy Bennett

Director -  Client Relationships

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Randy has been a customer-facing advocate for the past 20 years.  He brings a unique perspective to solving client problems and managing relationships based on his extensive experience in a variety of industries, including healthcare, and is focused on how business can thrive in a legal and compliant manner.

Sanjay Mohan

Managing Director

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Sanjay boasts more than two decades of experience in the industry. His career has spanned insurance and healthcare markets across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Passionate about business and innovation, Sanjay founded HealthIO to shift the emphasis in healthcare.

Sigvard Bore

Director - Product Management

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Sigvard is a decisive visionary with a core ability to make the complex simple. His 23+ years of advising executives in the insurance, healthcare, and financial service industries have cemented the ability to rapidly build consensus while always remaining focused on generating tangible value. 

Mark Seghers

Director - Business Development

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Mark has a diverse background He has started and grown several technology businesses.  Mark brings a passion for health care and 25+ years in insurance technology and ecommerce, consulting and executive leadership.

Smitha Radhakrishna

Product Manager

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Strategic leader with eight years experience bridging complex technical work with business acumen to advance, strategize and execute development and commercialization endeavors in the medical device and healthcare industry. Smitha brings experience in Medical devices/imaging, product commercialization and marketing strategy.

Amelia Lisi

Customer Success Manager

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Amelia brings over a decade of experience in healthcare, with practice in both the public and private sectors. Her dedication to providing exquisite customer and patient care is evident in her pursuit of revitalizing healthcare and wellness.

Mitchell Wohlk

Software Development Manager

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Mitchell is a passionate, software developer who thrives in a challenging, fast-paced environment. He excels in cloud/web technology with an emphasis on security, compliance, and business continuity.

Nicole Van Peursem

Digital Marketing Manager

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Nicole brings 15+years B2B and B2C marketing experience to the HealthIO team. Throughout her career she has continually incorporated new trends and technology with proven marketing tactics. Nicole is dedicated to bring awareness and understanding of the power of preventative healthcare and telling the HealthIO story.

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