How HealthIO Works

Longitudinal Data

An intuitive app in conjunction with state-of-the-art medical devices provide visibility into the user’s health data while keeping them engaged and motivated.

Micro-social Network

HealthIO creates a micro-social network of trusted advocates (e.g. family, caregivers, nurses, etc.) that supports users in achieving their health goals.

Personalized Insights

HealthIO users create and review personalized health reports to see their health journey, which keeps them motivated. Their advocates get visibility into their health goals & progress.

AI Algorithms

When HealthIO combines longitudinal user health records and historical health data, it has the capability to provide powerful predictive insights.

Longitudinal Data
with IoT Sensors

State-of-the-art devices provide a 360 degree view of health and are easy to use at home. They automatically transfer data and readings to the HealthIO app.



The user is now able to take charge of their health and wellness using in-app reminders for vitals, medication and general wellness activities. 

Health Advocacy via
Micro-social Network

Managing health is not easy - and it does not have to be done alone. The HealthIO app makes it possible to involve the support system of the user’s family, close friends, caregivers, community health workers, nurses and even physicians to help achieve their health goals.

Personalized Insights

Our insights for health activities and medication adherence allow the user to see how their vitals, mood, pain, or digestion are affected by the activity schedule they set up. The insights further help them understand which activities maintain their health and which will need to be changed in order to meet their goals.

AI Algorithms

From stratifying a population, to identify rising risk and high-risk segments, to using reinforced learning to predict the progression of chronic conditions and the likelihood of adverse events resulting from multimorbidities.


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